The cornerstones of the FECG product line are two-fold:
  • Client-relative performance

  • Client communication

Benefits of A Relationship with Financial Economics Consulting Group
Personal Service: You will communicate directly with the principals of Financial Economics Consulting Group who evaluated your financial needs and worked with you to develop a financial strategy specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements.
Direct Management: A skilled portfolio manager invests your funds.  Assets are selected to conform to your personal characteristics, goals, needs, and risk tolerance level.  When you have questions, you will be talking directly with experienced decision-makers -- not with a sales or administrative person.
Clear Communication: A complete, personalized financial analysis is the foundation for all decisions about your account.  This document is periodically updated to ensure that all investments are appropriate for and conform to your financial goals and objectives as it evolves and changes -- along with your personal needs.  You know that the plan is in balance with all of your assets.
"FECG is registered to conduct investment advisory services in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. FECG can also engage a limited number of clients in other states as permitted by de minimus exemption."

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