Financial Economics Consulting Group, Inc. provides Business Valuation services to clients seeking an independent appraisal of their business' worth. Our firm's approach is to integrate the theoretical structure of business valuation with today's business environment and practices. As assets managers, our firm brings to the table a unique perspective regarding business valuation and builds upon such with strong qualifications and experience
The worth of a company will be determined by assessing the intrinsic value of its assets and the value of the company's earnings and cash flow. Thus the essence of valuation analysis is to determine the worth of a company's equity in the marketplace.
Assignments in which we have involved range from valuations required for estate tax purposes to those assessing the sale or purchase of a business. Examples of the need for business valuation services include the following:
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Litigation Appraisals
  • Estate Tax Appraisals
  • Sale of Closely-Held Business
  • Valuation for Loan Purposes
  • Valuation for Stock Options
All business valuation assignments are supported by well-documented written reports. Each report is prepared in accordance with the client's defined assignment and supported by generally accepted financial valuation techniques.

References and additional information are available upon request.

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