More and more companies now provide some form of financial education program for their employees however, because of cost or time constraints they are typically group oriented and focus primarily on retirement planning.  While the importance of proper retirement planning cannot be discounted in many cases it is only one of many concerns that typical employees are dealing with today. Goals like paying off debt, sending the kids to college, buying a car or house, or just establishing a regular savings plan are more immediate concerns than the sometimes distant notion of retirement. These are issues that can only be addressed in a confidential one on one setting where the employee is free to ask questions related to their specific situation.
Our firm offers a program where we work through the employer to provide Financial Advisory Services to the employee that cover all areas of financial planning along with regular meetings to adapt to changes in their financial strategy. This in effect puts us on a retainer with each employee who wants to work with us. Through this type of relationship we are able to place them in a better position to achieve their goals, and thus improve their financial lives, rather than focusing on only one area. This increased awareness of how their company sponsored benefits tie together with their individual goals provides an added benefit to the employer. This can only lead to increased participation from the employee.
In addition to the previously mentioned benefit there are some additional advantages to the employer. First we take the fiduciary reponsibility off the shoulders of the employer by making sure each employee is adequately educated. Next, the employer can use the availability of these services as an added benefit to prospective employees, as well as to improve employee retention. Lastly, probably the biggest benefit is that by lifting the burden of worrying about financial matters from the employee the employer should have more productive workers and thus an improved bottom line.

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