In the past only institutional and large investors were able to benefit from the wide range of asset management services.  Today through use of the latest in investment software we are able to not only offer individually managed accounts, but also provide a wide variety of mutual funds to those wanting to begin a regular investment program. 

Through in-house asset management we are able to create individually managed portfolios for each client.  An individually managed account is an investment vehicle in which a money manager purchases a diversified portfolio of securities using the client's strictly defined investment objectives.  The client owns 100% of the securities in the portfolio.  This approach provides a variety of tax advantages and customization features that can enhance investment performance and increase the clients' overall satisfaction with their portfolio.

Since  not everyone has either the asset size or comfort level to make  individually managed accounts appropriate for their financial goals  we also may utilize mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds  (ETFs).  In these funds the client owns shares of a Registered Investment  Company which owns the securities and is required to distribute  capital games to the shareholder yearly. While these distributions  may not be in the best interest of the client, given the adverse tax  implications usually associated with such gains in a nonqualified account,  these funds can play a positive role in qualified accounts for those  just starting.

While we believe that our clients are best served by allowing us to manage their investments we do understand that in some instances some people prefer just an advisory relationship.  This usually occurs when someone has had a lengthy relationship with a particular investment professional and would like a second opinion, as well as advice regarding a qualified plan.  Here we review and make recommendation based on our experience and our outlook for the economy and investment markets as a whole as well as the goals of the client.  The client is then free to act as they see fit with respect to our input.  Since we have no affiliation to the companies that we select, the client is working with an  unbiased team of managers.   Our success is based on performance relative to each clients' goals, not commissions.

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