FECG maintains an investment philosophy emphasizing a combination top-down (the general economic environment) and bottom-up (individual companies within their industries) approach to determine the relative values, which exist among asset classes.  Components of our investment approach include fundamental and technical analysis, asset allocation and relative valuation.

Generally, clients seek a balanced investment approach, with invested funds allocated between income-producing assets and growth-oriented assets.  We assist the client in determining the realistic investment objectives, which will satisfy their long-term goals given their risk parameters.  We see the role of our firm as integrating the current and projected economic and investment environments with the clients' objectives regarding this risk and return.

When selecting securities for a client's portfolio, primary emphasis will be given to fundamental analysis.  However, we also utilize technical analysis to assist in the investment timing process.  Information may be taken from available databases, business periodicals, published research material, company published material, or other sources.  The information will generally be utilized for two specific purposes: 
  • To construct a reasonable description of the current and projected economic environment
  • To determine which securities are purchased or sold.

Screening variables for fixed-income assets include:
  • Nominal Yields
  • Real Rates of Return
  • Credit Quality
  • Maturity Structure, etc.

Such variables for stocks would include the company's industry outlook, current and relative P/E ratios, price to sales ratio, market capitalization, dividend yield and the anticipated earnings and dividend growth.

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